Highest quality for aspheres, spheres, double aspheres, assemblies and achromats

At OPC Optics we focus on optimal and for our customers cost-effective and fast production processes with highest quality. Our modern CNC production eliminates cost-intensive tools and thanks to our absolute high-end measuring technology, we can achieve high-precision results and adhere to the lowest tolerances at the same time. In addition to the conventional production of glass lenses, we currently rely on CNC-based grinding, polishing and centering machines from OptoTech.

Manufacturing technology

  • SM 130 CNC - High-speed CNC grinding machine with state-of-the-art grinding technology for pre- and fine grinding of spherical and aspherical lenses.
  • ASM 100 CNC - 4-axle-TwinCut-Grinding machine for efficient and high-precision machining of spheres, aspheres, toric and a-toric surfaces up to free-form surfaces.
  • SPO 80 CNC (Hydrospeed) - High-speed polishing machine with state-of-the-art polishing technology for polishing glass, plastic or ceramic surfaces.
  • ZM 50 CNC – Centering -/ edge processing machine with highest precision and simultaneous mode of operation which enables the processing of complex edge geometries.



Thanks to our high-end measurement technology, we are able to comply with the smallest tolerance ranges and thus offer our customers the highest quality aspheres, spheres, double aspheres, assemblies and achromats. Our partners in this field include the manufacturers TaylorHobson, Luphos, Zygo and OptoTech.

Measurement technology

  • LuphoScan 260 - Interferometric distance measuring system, based on MWLI® technology (multi-wavelength interferometry), for high-precision, non-contact 3D shape measurement
  • PGI Optics - Patented PGI technology (Phase Grating Interferometer) allows the measurement of strong curvatures with short scanning distances and enables highest accuracy and reproducibility due to high stiffness with low force application.
  • Zygo VeriFire Asphere – High-precision interferometer for precise and non-contact 3D measurement and determination of surface shapes and radii of curvature for aspherical, spherical and flat surfaces.
  • DS 100 Sphero Calc - Digital spherometer, with Heidenhain probe, for precise determination of radii of curvature
  • AZP 2 HP - Autocollimation testing and cementing device for accurate testing of centered lenses and standard achromatic lenses



In order to meet the increasing demand for high-precision optical elements, extensive extensions to the existing machinery are planned and have already been partially implemented.

Three asphere polishing machines - as an extension of the existing machine park for more efficient and higher throughput production processes.

Glass saw and glass drilling machine - production of own round discs from raw gas blocks for smaller editions and shorter delivery times (delivery time raw glass = approx. 48 hours vs. delivery time round discs = approx. 2-6 weeks).

Two further lever machines - for conventional processing (polishing) of sapphire and smaller runs.

Two additional laminar flow workstations - for test stations and work such as fine cementing, edge varnishing and assembly of lenses and prototypes.